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Car Driving School in Vijayawada. Our instructors are friendly and patient and are committed to helping you to become a confident and safe driver on the road. Read More

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About Venkat car driving school in vijayawada

Venkat car driving school is the standard school in the city of pearls since 2005 Vijayawada. We aim to revolution the way you learn to drive the vehicles of yours and travel round the World. Our mission is to create safe drivers and decrease the number of road accidents that cause a lot of human and monitory losses, thus, playing a safe strategy. car driving school.

Some of Our


car driving school vijayawada

Learner Driver Training

Learn to drive in the Vijayawada's leading car driving school.
Passed your test but fear motorway driving? Join in our training lessons with one of our best instructors.


Full Sanitized Car

We daily Sanitize our car for customer and our health safety. Car Driving School in Vijayawada.

Learn All The Things About Car Driving

In our Venkat car driving school we will teach other things also which are required for driving like Changing Tyres, Small mechanical repairs etc.

Happy Client with Venkat car driving school


“I learned very well how to drive the car. Now I can drive the car by my own. I loved. the way of teaching. Now I’m perfect with my driving. Thanks for Venkat Car Driving School.”
Excellent trainer and best training school in vijayawada.And be in a friendly manner.And I learned from there. I can drive now freely.And I am suggesting you to learn from that driving school. “
Sk Basha
” An extraordinary pro at what he does ….Venkat made sure I am very comfortable throughout the course. He draws your attention right from the beginning to the techniques and care that are to be employed while driving.
He has been phenomenal during his 20 days of lessons and always has a smile on his face. The advantage with him is that his times are flexible and he picks you up mostly (if your home is in the city) from your home.
He is very friendly and gives utmost respect to the time and money you invest in learning the car driving. He helped overcome my fear on the first day itself. So, you will mostly learn the basic car driving with him in the first five days and the last 15 days u will get more pro at it.
Finally, I recommend Venkat with 5 star for his extraordinary ease of teaching car driving. “
chaturvedula sai vihari
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